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When deciding to purchase a goffin cockatoo, the inexperienced person should be thoroughly discouraged from hand weaning. Baby goffins are notoriously difficult to hand feed and the process is extremely difficult and time consuming. Baby goffins should be weaned no earlier than 12 weeks of age and some will require hand feeding until 16 weeks of age.

All cockatoos eat a variety of foods in the wild. They will eat seeds, grains and whatever fruit or vegetable greenery they can find. A wide variety of commercial formulated diets are available for cockatoos. This is available as a seed mix or as pellets. It is best to avoid a seed-only diet because of the high fat content of seeds. Rose breasted cockatoos, in particular, can develop fatty tumors if they have too much fat in their diet.

Cockatoos need plenty of variety in their diet. It is advisable to supplement a commercial diet with vegetables and greens. Spinach and broccoli are excellent supplements that can also provide calcium to the cockatoo’s diet.

Cockatoos also enjoy fruit. Diced bananas, apples and oranges are excellent choices to offer as a supplement. Do remove the apple seeds as they can be toxic. Cockatoos will also enjoy raisins as a special treat.

Cockatoos can also benefit from an addition of protein to the commercial diet. Chopped bard-boiled eggs or bits of cooked meat are good additions to their diet.

Fruit and vegetable supplements are important to add to a cockatoo’s diet in order to supply them with the phytonutrients that are missing in commercial formulated diets. They can benefit from a cuttlebone for calcium and to help keep their beak trimmed and in shape.
As with all birds, do not feed cockatoos, avocados, chocolate, coffee or salt. Chocolate and coffee contain theobromine, an alkaloid that is toxic to birds. Avocado is also toxic to birds. Foods with a high salt content are harmful to birds because they can not excrete salt.

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