Goffin Cockatoos

Everything you wanted To Know About The Tanimbar Cockatoos Or Goffin Cockatoos


The Goffin Cockatoo is native to the Tenimber Islands of Indonesia and are sometimes known as the Tanimbar Cockatoo. Also native to Indonesian islands are the muluccan cockatoos. Many other species of cockatoos are native to Australia, like the black cockatoo.

The scientific name of the goffin cockatoo is Cacatua goffini. While the sulfur crested cockatoo is one of the largest cockatoos, goffins are one of the smallest of all cacatuinae and will reach a length of twelve to thirteen inches. Unlike other cockatoos, like the umbrella cockatoo, the crest of the goffin cockatoo is fairly small. The crest is a collection of feathers on the head that can be raised or lowered.

The goffin cockatoo is a mostly white bird with pink or salmon colored feathers between the eyes and the beak. The feathers of the crest that are closest to the birds head are also a pink or salmon color, as are the neck feathers. The pink crest feathers are usually hidden by the white outside feathers of the crest and will usually only be seen when the crest is extended.

Like the palm cockatoo, The Goffin Cockatoo is classed as a Near Threatened species because of illegal hunting and loss of habitat. Due to increasing encroachment on its habitat, this bird is in jeopardy of becoming extinct.

These cockatoos are often classed as companion cockatoos because of their loving and friendly nature. Other cockatoos that are classed as companion cockatoos are the rose breasted cockatoo and the citron cockatoo. These birds adapt well to family life and enjoy time out side of their bird cages.

Cockatoos are from the parrot family and are the only members of the parrot family with a crest, which makes them easily recognizable. The cockatoo is also the only member of the parrot family that has a natural white or pink coloring.

All healthy cockatoos produce powder on their skin. This powder is mostly calcium and is used to help them groom and clean their feathers. The powder from a cockatoo can stick to carpet, furniture and clothes and can irritate humans who are prone to allergies.

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